What is important to you? What are your best options? What will it cost?

I specialise in employment law and have over 30 years of experience working with employees and employers in challenging disputes. These have ranged from multi-million dollar negotiations through to situations where the financial exposure was neglible but the personal costs immeasurable. The right kind of help can be the difference between protecting your rights and dignity, and being overwhelmed in the face of a party who is determined but who may not be listening to you.  It can also create options for pragmatic and cost effective solutions that at first don't appear to exist. 

Employment law is as much a human process as it is a legal one. What happens in your employment can impact on the rest of your life.  Your professional, financial and personal well-being may be on the line, even your health. I have often worked with people who have experienced mental and physical harm caused primarily by work related stress. In deciding how to proceed it is vital to take your goals, personal style, and all of your interests into account. You also need to know the potential risks and benefits. This is why I make a point of listening carefully to my clients, give clear advice and feedback, and then work closely with my clients on whatever course of action we determine is in their best interests.

Get the right kind of advice as early as you can. Please call me now to discuss your situation. Thank you.